Saturday, 16 August 2014

Grab Alarm

Basic idea :

This small project will teach you, how to make a simple Grab alarm using an LDR ( light dependent resistor).
When you try to move your hand over the LDR, there is a loud alarm that goes on , and the alarm turns off as soon as you move your hand away from the LDR. The LDR works on the following principle " WHEN LIGHT FALLING ON THE LDR IS HIGH;RESISTANCE IS LOW ." and vice-versa. Basically for an LDR , light is inversely proportional to the Resistance.

Requirements :

  1. LDR ( you can choose any variant ), these come in various sizes ,usually based on the size of the area on which the light falls.
  2. Piezo buzzer (PCB MOUNT).
  3. Resistor (220ohm /1kohm)
  4. Connecting wires or Jumper cables
  5. Arduino UNO R3
  6. USB cable 
  7. Breadboard

   1.   Connect one terminal of the piezo buzzer to Digital pin 9(you can choose and PWM enabled pin) , and          connect the other terminal to ground . Your buzzer connection is now complete.

   2.  Now make the connections like this :
        the black wire goes to ground
        the green wire goes to pin A0 on the Arduino
        the red wire goes to the 5v pin on the Arduino

Connections Sketch:

Schematics :

Source Code:

  1. I have used ldrval variable to store the value being sent by the LRD connected to the arduino
  2. The value is then printed on the serial monitor . This following part is very crucial .
  3. After you have fully connected your circuit , you should upload your sketch to the arduino and then open the Serial monitor from the tools section on your arduino platform .
  4. If your sketch is working properly then it should send back some values to your serial monitor .
  5. Try to place your hand closer to the serial monitor and observe the readings changing . 
  6. In this manner you have to decide what your threshold value will be ; crossing which your buzzer will start.In my case ,this value was 900. Try to play around with this value , as this decides the sensitivity of the Alarm going on.
  7. See the source code line 28 : you can also play around with the value . In my case i put it to 170 . You can use values ranging from 0-255 , where 0 represents off . 
Picture of the Serial Monitor :

Grab Alarm Project Video:

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