Friday, 10 October 2014

Mini Voice controlled Home Automation project : Arduino uno R3 + bluetooth module + Android app

Project video :


Requirements :

  • Arduino uno r3 board ( a clone or any other variant will do fine )
  • Jumper / connecting wires
  • Bluetooth Module (HC-06) : ** the default password is 1234 **
  • 1k resistors - 2 
  • Red Led + Blue Led ( you can use any other colour , but make necessary changes in the program )

Sketch :

** See the diagram very carefully 


** Please Note : Before you upload the sketch to the Arduino , disconnect the wires hooked onto the TX and RX pins of the arduino . Then upload the sketch , and connect the wires back again .

The Final Lap :

Now you have finished wiring up the circuit , and also the code has been uploaded . You can see your Bluetooth module blinking already . 
The final step is to use the android app to connect to your Bluetooth module and control the Led's .
The app you are going to use here is already available in the play store . The name is BT voice control for arduino . Use this app to first search your Bluetooth module and then connect to it , using the default passcode 1234. 
** You can also make your own android application to connect to this project . For simplicity sake I have used this app, you can make your own using MIT appinventor 2 or Eclipse .**
The voice commands i have used here are :
  1. Turn both on 
  2. Turn both off
  3. Switch red light on
  4. Switch red light off 
  5. Switch blue light on 
  6. Switch blue light off
Your automation project will not function if you say something else . In case you want to make modification of what you wish to say to control a specific function ; fiddle with the strings entered in the source code .
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  1. Can you show the Android code? please

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    1. Thanks a lot Sweatha. This means a lot to me :)

  3. Where can I find the arduino code ?