Thursday, 12 November 2015

Custom Average Blur using MATLAB (without the use of inbuilt functions )


Write a script in MATLAB to perform an average blur without using any inbuilt function


Try the average blur with a 5*5 kernel .
The Method will be the same , the only change will be that the amount of blurring will be increased .
So on increasing the size of the kernel will result in increased blurring .

There is a lot of material on the basics of masking on the web .
Go through them to understand what the mask will be and why the kernel is a square matrix of of size 3*3 , 5*5 , 7*7 and not 2*2 or 4*4 .  Try to figure out the reason for having a zero padding as well .

** For those who do not have access to MATLAB ( extremely expensive  !!! ) ,  i will be releasing similar code in OpenCV soon . **

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